A bright Houston mansion by Miles Redd

Miles Redd, the American interior king of color, never ceases to amaze me: His use of color is nothing short of bold and fearless.  His latest project, a family mansion in Houston, is an ode to vibrant primary colors and the art of mixing patterns. Everything that defines Miles Redd’s style: lacquered paint, high contrasts and over-sized prints is used to create another truly unique home.

Emerald Green Interiors Miles Redd 1Emerald Green Interiors Miles Redd 3Emerald Green Interiors Miles Redd 2Emerald Green Interiors Miles Redd

All images and more pictures can be seen via AD.


Discovering Segovia

The summer vacations are officially here which means that the kids are on holidays for the next nine weeks, yes you did read this correctly. The big one will attend some camps but it still leaves plenty of time for me to enjoy them over the next two months. We have already fled Madrid and are spending some time in Collioure a small Catalonian village on the French side of the border that’s I have been coming to since birth. It’s time for me to catch up on the blog, to soak up the colors and inspiration, and to replenish my energy. In September I will start a new project and I am extremely happy and excited about it.

We have been spending some weekends outside of Madrid in the past months and my husband just drove us cross-country from Madrid to Collioure. Despite having spent so much time since my childhood in this area I really didn’t know Spain at all before moving to Madrid last November. To me Spain was synonymous of overbuilt shores and beaches but I really didn’t have a clue about what the country looked like on the inside. Those first trips were a real eye-opener for me: Boy I certainly never had thought about Spain being a mountainous country. Actually Spain’s median height is 700 meters above see level with the highest mountaintop reaching around 3478 meters in the Sierra Nevada in the south of the country. The landscapes we saw while crossing the country this weekend were harsh, hostile and rugged yet utterly beautiful. Some of them reminded me of Monument Valley or Bryce Canyon in the USA with desolated castles perched upon improbable hills. It certainly makes me want to explore this countryside with its rich history of art and conquests.

Emerald Green Interiors Segovia7

Ten days ago we spent the day in Segovia. Located only an hour away, northwest from Madrid, this city dating back to roman times is on the UNESCO world heritage site list. We strolled through the old city center, viewed the antic roman aqueduct, and admired the impressive castle. I fell in love with the decorated house fronts and the glow of the sand colored stone used to build most monuments.

Emerald Green Interiors Segovia2Emerald Green Interiors Segovia4Emerald Green Interiors Segovia3Emerald Green Interiors Segovia1Emerald Green Interiors Segovia 15Emerald Green Interiors Segovia5Emerald Green Interiors Segovia6Emerald Green Interiors Segovia8Emerald Green Interiors Segovia10

Emerald Green Interiors Segovia14

Emerald Green Interiors Segovia11Emerald Green Interiors Segovia12I hope you are enjoying this little glimpse in our new Spanish life. I will share more over the coming weeks which might get you to book some tickets to discover by yourself this beautiful country. I’ll be back soon to share some of my fo to color sources for inspiration.

Oh Corinne…. you are REALLY making me want to visit! Just beautiful. It’s the ceramics I want to see…
We are (I know, way ahead of time!) thinking of spending a month or so in Europe next June. Two weeks in Provence for sure, but otherwise we are open to suggestions. So keep showing me these beautiful images and we may just come to Spain!
Enjoy your time “off” with family!

La Villa Verte

I first spotted images of Bruno de Caumont‘s Ho Chi Minh City home a few months ago in the French Elle Deco. It was love at first site but unfortunately I could not find images back then to illustrate a blog post. I was thrilled when I discovered that La Villa Verte had been featured in the first edition of Design Anthology and that the house tour was even available on their site. This 1950′s villa in the heart of the city has remained empty for thirty five years before being carefully renovated and furnished by the French interior designer “in the idea that I made myself about the style of the 50s in Saigon”. The house is brimming with color, pretty much one for each room, and sparsely furnished mostly with pieces from de Caumont’s own lacquered furniture line manufactured in Vietnam with centuries old techniques.

Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 8Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 4Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 2Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 1There is nothing I am not in love with in this house: the vibrant wall colors, the contrasting and often two-toned lacquered furniture which acts like a piping on a solid velvet upholstered armchair, or the graphic black and white floor. The space is uncluttered and relaxing yet with plenty of personality.

Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 3Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 6Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 7Emerald Green Interiors Bruno de Caumont 9

I usually love the interiors that I showcase on the blog, but the Villa Verte is certainly one of the nicest I have seen in a long time. I would  move in in a heartbeat which, you can also do if you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City. La Villa Verte is open to tourists through Airbnb here and here.

You can view more pictures on Design Anthology and follow Bruno de Caumont’s stunning work on Facebook.

Beautiful! I can’t get over those little side tables in the blue and green rooms. They wouldn’t match our house at all, but I still feel like I need them. :)
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What an amazing house! I especially love the green on the terrace.

Quite spectacular! Interesting what they did with the two tones in the blue and that green room is incredible. I’m surprised it’s a real home? Looks more like a style exercise. Mel x

Room and Flower N.4

It’s time for another “Room and Flower” on the blog. Busy days inspired me to pick these clutter-free simple images evocative of a barely furnished farm in the south of France. I absolutely fell in love with this lovely lilac arrangement in its beautiful vase. Make sure to take some time to check out at home with red, the blog where I found this lovely image. Dawn has some truly inspiring still life shots.

Room & Flower n4

Wishing you a lovely day and a great start in this new week.

* Source: RoomFlower

Love Dawn photo’s , so great to see them here, and just discovered your lovely blog too.

Such a beautiful photo of the lilac flowers! I’ll check out her blog now. Happy weekend Corinne. xx

Before and After: The vintage inspired office

The house is slowly starting to take shape. We moved seven months ago so you should think that things are all set up by now. Well they aren’t and I am not going to provide any lame excuses for it. Things simply take time and it’s not like I have a deadline to finish things. Today, I want to show you the room that has become my husband’s office. It is located on the ground floor with a small window facing east and only gets direct sunlight about half an hour a day, right now between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Other than that it gets only whatever natural light comes through this window bearing in mind that there is a very large pine tree just outside on the street. This room as nice as it is simply doesn’t get much light and is always rather dark. Therefore instead of keeping dreadful looking white walls I went the exact opposite way and painted the room a lovely shade of dark green by The Little Greene.

Emerald Green Interiors office6

Once more you get the lovely (not) before pictures with the pre-move infamous tile flooring and the empty room with new oak laminate flooring. Don’t you just love a good before picture? And yes this is my son playing with the previous tenants daughter while we were visiting the house.

Emerald Green Interiors office beforeEmerald Green Interiors office before2The dark green really suits the room perfectly and looks wonderful (so I think) with the warm wood tone of my husband’s vintage Danish teak desk (sourced by yours truly in Berlin). Dark muted colors are great in working spaces and libraries where you want to be able to focus on your work without being distracted. It actually doesn’t matter if those rooms are dark because all you really need is a good desk lamp to work or read properly.

Emerald Green Interiors office1Emerald Green Interiors office2Emerald Green Interiors office4

Now you might wonder looking at those pictures. Didn’t I just mention that this room was dark most of the day? Absolutely and I wasn’t lying to you but were you really looking forward to seeing a set of very dark and gloomy pictures of a very dark room? I don’t think so, this is why I used the manual settings of my camera like I always do when shooting interiors and had a very long aperture time to get plenty of light. And after shooting the pictures I even used Gimp (Photoshop’s open-source little brother) to edit the colors and the light. So now you will question if this room really looks like this? Well it actually looks better in person, a little bit darker and moodier but also cozy and enveloping. And you don’t have to wear sunglasses every time you look at the window.

Emerald Green Interiors office7Emerald Green Interiors office5Emerald Green Interiors office6

So my mantra for the day (today and all other days) is really: “Don’t be afraid of dark colors”. This room looks so much better dressed in a coat of paint. Yes paint is magic like this. Go ahead try it out and experiment.

Have a lovely day!

Ressources: Wall color, Sage by The Little Greene – Danish teak desk, vintage – Desk Lamp Abbicus, Habitat – Shiraz Rug, vintage – Tintin Rocket – Berlin Bear Buddy – Forest painting, vintage

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It’s unbelievable what you made out of this room…
Alexandra recently posted…Blühende Baustelle – Blooming construction siteMy Profile

Fabulous job! It really is true with dark rooms to paint walls dark. I’ve been seeing it often lately and works beautifully. I do love white walls too but I can tell that it left that room looking very dull and cold. Where did your husband get the red and white space thing (I know theres a specific name for it sorry)? We have the same that we had from Guillaume’s grandfather. Mel xx