Bold, colorful and geometric wallpapers

It’s no mystery that the geometric trend has been going on in home decor for a little while now. Recently however I have been seeing more large scaled and colorful designs than I used to. I love their high decorative impact and although I am not really the lover of feature walls I used to be a couple of years ago, those are perfect for them. Those designs need space to express themselves and not too much competition in terms of furniture. Prefer hallways, staircases or small areas with contemporary or clean lined furniture. Here are my favorites:

Circus by Cole & Son: What a fantastic design and great colors. The combination of the various shades of purple, green and fuchsia is really what gets me swooning over it.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 3

Facet by Cole & Son: A beautiful monochrome design available in blue or grey. The white hand drawn edge and the unevenly sized facets is what sets it apart from similar designs.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 4

Remix by Ferm Living: A simple and effective design consisting of triangles in various shades of blue and white or greys and white. Retro Scandinavian and on trend as can be.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 2

Mosaic by Minakani Lab: Those large inverted triangles hand printed in over 30 different colors are sure to create a unique backdrop like they do in this minimalist working area.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 1

It’s a pity that all the walls in our house are textured making the use of wallpaper really difficult, otherwise I’d love to use the Mosaic paper in our entry hall.

What do you think of those large patterns? Could you live with them or would they give you headaches?

* Photo credits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Is it any surprise that I <3 this wallpaper? Great color and bold geometric designs would be perfectly at home in my home. Thanks for sharing. ~Kate

Oh wow! I adore that first Cole & Son paper. What sheer fun to have that. But would I do it in my house? hmmmm. Actually, I have a hallway leading to the kitchen (see Interiors on my nav bar) that is currently a great orange, but would also be a really fun place for this bit of color graphic. Ah yes, but would the husband go for it? He generally will agree to whatever design projects I want (yes, lucky me!). Thanks Corinne. and Happy New Year!


I have textured walls as well, but these would be really fun to use as an oversized (framed on all for or just two sides) piece of art.

Eight Kraft paper wrapping ideas

Christmas is already tomorrow and maybe you have run out of time and haven’t wrapped your presents yet. Do not panic! You still have the time to create wonderful and stylish presents with very little needed. Kraft paper is the answer to your questions. I honestly can’t remember how far back my love for this wrapping paper dates. I remember being eighteen and wrapping Christmas presents in it already. I further fell in love with kraft paper seeing it used to wrap flower bouquets. To this day there is nothing that I find more beautiful and beauty enhancing for a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. I remember when we were living in Berlin and I would carefully select flowers to have composed as a bouquet for friends, only to see it wrapped in ugly paper and totally shut closed to my utter despair. (I believe the closing had to do with the harsh weather conditions but still….)Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 1.

Kraft paper is the perfect base to create beautiful presents as you can do anything with it. You simply need a little bit of imagination. Here are some of my favorite ideas gathered on the web over the past days.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 2

I love how playful those presents are using simple colored round labels, a glitter ribbon, over sized neon bows or a simple silver pen to hand draw doodles directly on the paper. Seriously, it doesn’t get simpler and yet the result won’t get unnoticed under the Christmas tree.

For a more organic feel, use natural twine, baker’s twine in green or red assorted to natural greenery and berries from your garden, old pictures or a graphic stripped black ribbon with feathers or dried leaves.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 3

The options are as endless as your imagination, so please take just a little time to have your gifts wrapped in a way that will truly stand out instead of having them wrapped in a store’s branded paper. I find it so rewarding when I see my own wrapped presents all next to each other creating an ensemble and looking beautiful. I am sure you will too.

Good luck with finishing up your presents and have a lovely time with your family and loved ones.

Small Gifts with Big Effect

Christmas is barely a week away and you might still be on the lookout for a few gifts. Here is a selection of small gifts that caught my eye. They will not hurt your purse, yet are unique enough to be noticed and remembered. You might want to keep the list for future reference if you are like me, always at loss for small gifts.

Emerald Green Interiors Small gifts big effect

From left to right and top to bottom:

- Black and white coasters by Tilissimo

- Letter tray by Ferm Living

- Set of painted wooden vases by Shadeonshape

- Yellow chevron pouch by Aylla

- Mint Iphone case by Toncase

- Geometric cement planters by Pippamarxstudio

- Tealight holders by BoConcept

Do you have staples when it comes to gift making in various occasions? I’d love to hear about them. Have a lovely day and good luck with finishing the holidays preparation.




Well, I just love that chevron pouch! Color and design is wonderful.
My go-to source for presents this year was Etsy. I am continually amazed at the variety and quality of offerings. And, the things I ordered and were sent here to me had such nice thank you notes attached. I will do anything to avoid the mall, and now Etsy has filled the void!!!

Those little wooden vases are just too cute! This year I tried to ‘shop locally’. Our town has had a campaign going now for a few years. It is always so satisfying to find your gifts close to home and help out your local businesses as well.

Urban Jungle Bloggers – Green Festive Vignette

It’s Friday afternoon and a few drops of rain are falling on Madrid. Funny, I hadn’t seen even a glimpse of cloud in the past two weeks and honestly didn’t miss it. The kids were both sick for over a week and kept me busy. The week was filled with workers visits to the house to fix some minor issues which minor as they were took  time to solve, hence the absence here.

I try to follow quite a few blogs via bloglovin and although I follow Igor’s Happy Interior Home had missed out on the Urban Jungle Bloggers series launched with Judith of Joelix. I incidentally discovered it through Ilaria’s blog yesterday. I absolutely loved her images and couldn’t resist the urge to style a few vignettes myself which I shared on Instagram (yeahhhh I have finally jumped on the wagon. About time don’t you think?). Our camera has a problem with the lens and I used my phone. This morning I went for another round quite different and the pictures that you are about to see were taken after picking up my big boy from school. I hadn’t planned on the fall theme going on but while I was taking the pictures my son interrupted me asking to eat some nuts who landed on the brow paper I was using as background.

Like Ilaria, we won’t be spending Christmas at home and while we are slowly settling in, the house is nowhere close to where I want it to be in terms of decoration. We probably won’t get a Christmas tree for the week we have left before we leave and I really only pulled out a few Christmas items for the shoot. I used a few cactus and plants recently purchased as well as some leaves from our garden.

EmeraldGreen Interiors UJB December 3EmeraldGreen Interiors UJB December 1EmeraldGreen Interiors UJB December 4EmeraldGreen Interiors UJB December 2

I am really surprised how well the images turned out considering that I only used Camera+ for Iphone and didn’t edit at all afterwards except for some cropping. What’s your experience with phone photography?

To see more follow the Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board. See you soon!

* Photography by Corinne Kowal

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Awesome! Impressive how the images turned out with camera+ on the iphone! And so nice to have you on board, Corinne! Here’s to more #urbanjungle love :)

This is so beautiful, I love every single styling here! Great job and welcome aboard!

This is awesome, Corinne!!! I love what you did with your little cactus and “the little things” you had , as you called them! I’m pretty impressed by the quality of your phone pictures … I guess I should have had the latest iphone in my letter to Santa since mine doesn’t do such nice pictures anymore … or maybe just add the app you use would be cheaper ;-) I hope your kids are better. Enjoy your week-end xxi.

Thank you so much for your kind comments Igor and Judith. So happy to be taking part in this edition.
Ilaria, I don’t think it’s the phone, I just switched from an Iphone 3 to an Iphone 4. Camera+ might be worth the try (2 or 3US$ if I am correct) and it’s great because you can set the exposure. Yes the kids are finally feeling better. Have a great weekend as well :)

Oh Corinne! C’est super joli. J’adore ton styling!
Je te souhaite de très bonnes fetes de fin d’année.

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