Moody Autumn Rooms

Although it’s been surprisingly mild those past two days in Brussels, it looks like I might come down with the flu. I really just feel like taking naps, drinking tea with honey and ginger to get rid of the sore throat, and hiding under a blanket in bed or on the couch with a magazine or a good book. And for this I’d love a dark moody room to match the season. Here is a round-up of my favorites.

Emerald Green Interiors Moody schemes

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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Little Victorian Blog

Beautiful rooms! How are you feeling?

Every time I decide I feel like a bright, white and airy house I see a post like this that drags me back to the dark side. So gorgeous! xx

3 Inspiring interior design blogs

We are starting to get closer to our moving date and therefore committing time to the blog and 31days becomes more challenging, while we wrap up things to get ready. Therefore today I’ll share a list of inspiring blogs that I like and consult on a regular basis.

Emily Henderson, a designer and stylist, is a fun personality and her articles are infused with plenty of it. Her interiors mix bold colors, mid-century and contemporary pieces, for a modern and hip look.

Emerald Green Interiors Emily Henderson

Justina Blakeney has done it all: Design, stylist, shop owner, book co-author, graphic design. Her interiors are very eclectic, full of colors and plants, and bohemian as she says herself. I also love the fact that some of her articles tackle very personal non design related subjects.

Emerald Green Interiors Justina Blakeney

47 Park Avenue is Michael’s blog and now online shop that was launched to document the renovation of their Victorian house in East Yorkshire. Their is absolutely no doubt that you have seen some of their fabulous house pictures, gone viral, online.

Emerald Green Interiors 47 Park Avenue

Make sure to check them out!

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Ruediger Benedikt

Really like your blog always a very good inspiration, hope you keep doing this for a long time to come, thank you very much. Hope you like my blog as well.

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My room is dark. What can I do?

“My room is dark therefore I’ll paint it in white to bring some light into it” is one of the most common mistakes I hear formulated over and over. Color has many virtues and can change tremendously the appearance and quality of a room, but color itself doesn’t bring light. The blunt truth is that a room that doesn’t get much natural light simply doesn’t get much natural light. Plain and simple. Meaning that whatever color is on the walls won’t get much natural light. White or any sort of off white/ very pale color used will therefore look greyed down and dirty, which you’ll agree isn’t the best in terms of decorating base.

So what solution do you have to offer you must be wondering. What I advise clients who start of with the idea of using white is to use mid-range intensity colors. Those, don’t mind getting a little less light and help creating a sense of coziness. Speaking of, you could also go towards very dark colors but I assume that if you had the idea of painting your room white, it might be a stretch to envision the same room in chocolate brown, charcoal or ink blue. I might be wrong, so if I am know that very dark colors also work very well in rooms that are not well lit.

Emerald Green Interiors Midrange colors

You have to be aware of one thing: the rooms and houses you see in magazines or on the internet all seem to be flooded by natural light: this is true for white rooms but it is also true for dark painted rooms. Those rooms don’t look like this in real life. It’s the way the pictures are taken that make them look like this. Interiors pictures are taken without flash (very bad for the color rendering) but with a long shutter speed opening which allows more time for light. Even I do it! Do you really think that our bedroom looks this bright on a normal (rainy) day in Belgium? It’s easy to spot: An overexposed picture will show a window as a big square of white light pouring into the room. Let me know if this ever happens in real life in your home.

So how do I make a room lighter? Well actually you don’t. You learn to appreciate it as it is, you make it into a cozy darker nest, a place to rest and relax, to watch TV, to read a book or to work with a good reading light. Because the secret to making this un-gratifying unwell lit room into something you’ll look forward to, is its lighting. You’ll have to invest into a few table, reading or standing lamps. Having many different light sources brings character to a room, yes it does. I’ll have to devote another post on this subject. Meanwhile have a lovely time browsing around and share the site with your friends if you like what you’ve been reading.

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Keeping your color scheme simple

Loving color and being willing to use it in your home is absolutely fabulous. Beware, however, to use it with parsimony. By parsimony I don’t mean that you shouldn’t paint your entire wall in ink blue. My point is rather to tell you that you shouldn’t use too many different colors in a given space. You want to create a look that feels collected and somewhat consistent, don’t you.

I’d suggest you start with two colors, see how it goes, and add a third in lesser proportions if needed. Any combination of four or more colors is really difficult to pull off consistently in a way that shows the design and the color scheme as being intensional and not just random.

In our sons bedroom, I started off with this orange painted Ikea buffet that we’ve been hauling around Europe for quite some time. It’s definitely not the worthiest but it has personality and a size that makes it convenient to fit. The dark grey armchair was another piece we brought along to Brussels and belonged in his room (we spent long night hours on it while he was a baby). I purchased a dark grey wool carpet that grounded the room and worked perfectly with the armchair, and added another color with green curtains. The green is also repeated with the green cushion and bed linens you don’t get to see today. (there are rather classic stripped white/green or white/grey. Actually you can see them on the Houzz home tour)

Emerald Green Interiors S room 2Emerald Green Interiors S room 3

On the wall I hang a large antique Berlin map I bought last summer and had framed with a simple wood frame. He was born in Berlin so it has a special meaning. I realized latter that the map had also green and orange in it. Sometimes things just work out, or was it my unconscious working on the color scheme without me realizing it?

A few months ago I pinned this poster by J Fletcher Design on Pinterest and thought that it could have been my inspiration image for the room.

Emerald Green Interiors_CHARLESTON_HarborFest_Poster-725x1063Emerald Green Interiors S room 1

Oups, it seems that I got slightly carried away and ended up doing a home tour of our son’s bedroom. The point of the article was actually to show you that you don’t need too many colors to create a colorful impact. You don’t want your space to look like a rainbow after all. Choose your colors carefully and repeat them over and over with carpets, linens, fabrics, accessories, lighting etc. It’s really not that difficult and by repeating them the design will show as being intentional and consistent.

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31 Days. How it’s going so far.

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when at the beginning of the month, I decided to take the 31 Days blogging challenge by The Nester. The past days have been both a lot of fun and challenging. It’s not easy to come up every day with a new article and topic to write about, to find images to illustrate the article. Because blogging does take time, yes really it does. I have missed a day or two and have tried to post twice some days to catch up but that’s proving to be quite difficult. I struggle most on weekends because I get to spend the days with my family and don’t want to disappear behind the computer for hours.

What I am finding the most interesting and surprising is the way I write my articles and how the language and tone I use is evolving. Since I have to write an article each day, I spend a little less time writing pretty sentences and I am allowing myself to use a tone that is maybe more the one I use in my daily life. And this is a lot of fun! That tone is certainly more direct and sometimes ironic and teasing. I am quite the introverted type and as a child was always the silent one; Yet I don’ believe that this is who I really am. Pushing myself to write on a daily basis seems to work as some kind of therapy to release and to let my true personality speak out. I’ve always know that I couldn’t please everyone, I am terribly pragmatic about certain things, but there is difference between knowing it and finally accepting it. I looks like I might be on the way to finding my true voice.

For this, I am already grateful that I have taken this challenge.

(Blank space. Yes I know I need to find a pretty picture to illustrate this highly personal post about my inner growth)

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Wow, congratulations on taking part in that blogging challenge! I wouldn’t know how to keep it up, because I’ve been so busy in real life that I got totally behind with blogging. Anyway, I hope to step it up a notch with the new BYW e-course now in November, so I hope it will bring me again some new inspiration!! :-) Will come back here more often, I love me some color too in my own home. ;-)
Hugs, Inge x