Quercus & Co. Color Charts and Art Prints

You probably remember me blogging about the Australian based company Quercus & Co. a few months back (see the post here). Back then I wanted to share with you their one of a kind wallpaper collection. Well since then, Adam Jones its founder, has been very busy at developing new products. He just relaunched their website this past week and there are some real treasures that have been added (and more to come in the near future).

Let’s start with the most exciting category first: I am totally smitten with the new color charts and wall hangings and will need to get one myself for my new office in replacement of my beloved botanical chart which of all our 290 parcels is the one gone missing during the move. (Oh and so is the key to my locked lemonwood buffet that now sits shut in my future office).

Adam being a color specialist at the core, those charts based on original illustrations from color theory pioneers like Philipp Otto Runge and Johannes Itten don’t really come as a surprise. The large scale diagrams have been hand painted in the Quercus washy-watercolor style, printed onto sturdy artist’s canvas and fixed with Cedar dowel, cotton tape and brass rings for hanging. The prints can be rolled up for storage or shipping and even easily wiped clean if needed.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts3Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts7Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts4

Emerald Green Interiors Quercus charts detailsAren’t those detail pictures just beautiful? The Kilim and Tapestry wallpaper patterns have also been added as wall hanging. If you are thinking about a spare place to hang them in your home, have you thought about the back of doors? Their size is perfect for it.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts6Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts9

Those wall hangings complement perfectly the already existing art prints collection based on the wallpaper patterns. The collection has now been enriched with some of the small and medium sized color charts.

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts1

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts2

Emerald Green Interiors quercus charts8I hope you enjoy those as much as I do because they really deserve the attention. Stay tuned as I will announce my first ever giveaway on the blog tomorrow, and yes it does involve Quercus & Co.!

Oyyo Dhurrie Rug Collection

Yesterday evening, I finally took the time to browse through this month’s Spanish AD which I bought at least ten days ago. I have bought the Spanish edition a few times in the past living in Brussels because I really loved the personality and features of it. Each country edition really has it’s own flair to it. From what I’ve seen in our new home country one, it looks like I will need to get a subscription ASAP.

So I spotted those rugs, handwoven cotton Dhurries to be exact, designed by Oyyo a Swedish design studio founded in 2011 by Lina Zedig and Marcus Åhrén.

Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 1Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 3Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 4Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 5

I love, love, LOVE their graphic designs and fabulous color combinations. They are manufactured n India near Jodhpur of 100% organic cotton with vegetable dyes using century old techniques. Aren’t their desert set campaign pictures by David Magnusson just beautiful?

Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 6

Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 7Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 8Emerald Green Interiors Oyyo 9

Each one of the six patterns of the collection comes in various sizes and can be ordered directly on Oyyo’s website. Check it out to see more images of the collection.

Emerald Green Interiors Oyo portrait

Have a lovely day and stay tuned for a surprise in the form of an amazing giveaway.

Ilaria Fatone

I just love the blue one, the one floating on the desert ;-) xx

We have a new home

Good morning everyone. I am so happy to be back with you after what has been a crazy week. The move is finally behind us, most of our boxes are “kind of” unpacked and we have a working internet connection. Thank you for your patience while we started to settle in. A move is always slightly more work than you had expected, especially when you have to take into account the needs of a lively four-year old boy and his younger, almost seven month old, sibling. The week has been exciting but also quite nerve wracking as an international move is especially hard on our big boy who is in age to understand quite well what is happening and not exactly too happy about his new school, buddies to be, and language he doesn’t understand, yet.

While our house is still an absolute mess, which I really can’t show you at this point, I’d love to share the pictures I took before we moved in while it was still empty. We live in a residential area and the house was probably built at the end of the seventies. It still has lots of original features and a real vintage look to it. In other words it needs A LOT of love. The walls have this terrible grainy surface which I’ll have to live with unless I plan to re-plaster every wall. I don’t think this will happen as this is a rental after all. All the doors, closet doors (we have tons of storage as every room has built-in closets) and woodwork is still in the original dark high gloss wood color. After visiting the house in September and while preparing the move I thought I could keep them and play with their vintage feel but I’ve been living here for less than a week and already think that they need to go and be painted white. They are in pretty bad shape and just suck so much light away. I need to look into it but with the closets there must be something like 25 doors to paint and there is no way I can do it by myself.

Emerald Green Interiors new house 1Emerald Green Interiors new house 2Emerald Green Interiors new house 3Emerald Green Interiors new house 4Emerald Green Interiors new house 8Emerald Green Interiors new house 6

Oh and did you notice the wooden corner trimming on the wall? Absolutely terrible. I don’t know if I will rip them away or just paint them over in whatever the new wall color will be. Probably the latest as I might get a nasty surprise if I take them away.

The first good news in terms of decoration is that the floor on the ground level in the living room, entryway and office has been replaced. It might only be oak laminate and far away from our beautiful Brussels oak flooring but anything, really anything, was a better option than what had been on the floors before: Huge brownish greyish marble effect tiles that gave you a headache from looking at them for too long and which would have been an absolute pain to decorate around. Wood laminate is a least a neutral base and works with everything! Here some of the before pictures. Beware of your eyes!

Emerald Green Interiors new house 7Emerald Green Interiors new home 3AEmerald Green Interiors new house 5

The kitchen is a beautiful example of all wooden rustic cabinetry. It’s really not my style but there is a huge amount of storage space and considering what else there is to do in the house I can live with it for the time being. The floor tiles are also marbled but there are neutral enough. I don’t know if painting the kitchen cabinet would be sufficient to really update it. Those front doors won’t ever be modern even painted in white. Maybe simply changing the fronts to white Ikea ones could do the trick if the sizes are standard. As I said I’ll look into it a little bit later.

Emerald Green Interiors new house 9

Here are some pictures of the upper floor where you can once more see the beautiful wood paneled doors and door frames the house is befitted with. Do you have a solution for painting them that wouldn’t take me the next three years of my life to do it or cost me an arm to have it done?

Emerald Green Interiors new house 10Emerald Green Interiors new house 12Emerald Green Interiors new house 11As you can see there is quite a lot to do in terms of decorating and updating the house. I’d love to keep the vintage vibe somewhat and need to see if and how I can incorporate our Art Deco furniture into the mix. I am already considering the idea of selling some pieces. We also have a small garden which you might have peeked on the living room pictures. It certainly also needs some love. Bushes and trees need to be trimmed, flowers added, lawn needs to be cut, etc…;

I look forward to sharing the update with you. Have you moved recently? If so I’d love to hear what your biggest challenge has been. I wish you a lovely day and a great start into this new week!

Ilaria Fatone

It looks huge Corinne! And I’m sure you will make something beautiful out of it. As you know we recently moved. We left our beautiful apartment in Paris we completely renovated 4 years ago to a rented big apartment in Southern France. I still miss my Paris home sweet home! Our biggest challenge was the kitchen and I agree with you about yours, I’m not sure repainting the cabinets will give them a modern look (and it is a huge work). For your doors the best solution might be a “resine”. I’ve never tried it but I heard it is easy to use, hardly needs any preparation and cover even the worst surface … bon courage pour les cartons xxi.

Emerald Green Interiors

It is quite big indeed Ilaria Fatone. Actually I don’t even know where to start to be quite honest. Thanks for the ip about the resine. I will look into it. The boxes are almost unpacked but their content now just lies around…

31 Days gone wrong

Well it looks that my 31 days challenge has taken a major drawback since I haven’t blogged since Friday, October 18th, pretty much two weeks ago. So what exactly has happened: Well nothing too crazy or too fancy. On the 18th we left to spend a weekend in Aachen, Germany, to make some pre-move purchases and my sore throat developed into a much more serious one. We had booked a hotel to stay overnight and we all ended up in bed with the kids and sleeping at 7.30 p.m. that night. We came back on Sunday and really got ourselves in preparing our move. My week then included packing boxes, selling stuff we are not taking along, a two day return trip to my parent’s home south of Paris to supervise the pick-up of stuff that is coming with us to Spain, and my sore throat that wasn’t getting any better. Upon my return on Thursday and after spending 5 days taking paracetamol (can’t take much more since I am breastfeeding), I finally took it to the doctor who diagnosed a full angina and put me on antibiotics.

The following weekend was spent packing boxes, before 6 movers stormed our house on Monday morning, packing like crazy and loading a truck the following day. Wednesday was spent on having renovations work done and yesterday on the final cleanup before the “expert géomètre”, a typical Belgian professional came by to get the keys back and to tell us how much more they would keep from our guarantee for nitty gritty stuff to fix.

Here are a few during and after shots of our move.

Emerald Green Interiors Move 1Emerald Green Interiors Move 2

Everything has been packed and wrapped like you wouldn’t believe it. If anything arrives broken then I really don’t undertand how it could happen.

Emerald Green Interiors Move 3

Here my beautiful living room nook is empty again. I will miss this beautiful apartment, it’s oak floors and the light that came through all the windows even on grey and rainy days.

I apologize for the absence but there was simply too much going on these past days. We have arrived in Madrid late this afternoon and will get the keys to our new place tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how it looks empty before the movers arrive with all our belongings on Tuesday. And then you’ll get to see plenty of posts on the house and its decor.

I wish you a lovely weekend!


Bonsoir Corinne,
Je te souhaite un bon départ à Madrid!
Grosses bises

Merci beaucoup Elodie! Vis ma vie d’expat la suite, et un nouveau départ avec de nouveaux challenges et choses à découvrir.

Ilaria Fatone

Move … That’s one of the worst word I will remember about 2013. Looking at your pictures, it reminds me what I went through this summer when we left our beloved apartment (and Paris) to move to Southern France. Good luck for the next step and stay in touch on BYW :-)

Moody Autumn Rooms

Although it’s been surprisingly mild those past two days in Brussels, it looks like I might come down with the flu. I really just feel like taking naps, drinking tea with honey and ginger to get rid of the sore throat, and hiding under a blanket in bed or on the couch with a magazine or a good book. And for this I’d love a dark moody room to match the season. Here is a round-up of my favorites.

Emerald Green Interiors Moody schemes

Source from left to right and top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Have a wonderful weekend!

31 days banner

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Beautiful rooms! How are you feeling?

Every time I decide I feel like a bright, white and airy house I see a post like this that drags me back to the dark side. So gorgeous! xx