A few house moodboards

A couple a weeks ago after working on our house color palette, I started pulling elements together that I wanted to incorporate in the design and created mood boards to have a clearer vision. Once you have a color palette, it is much simpler to look at furnishings, fabrics and accessories as you can immediately see if they match your colors. As I’ve said before, our house was built in the seventies and I’d like to keep a retro/vintage/mid-century vibe to it. I am pairing chartreuse and olive green with grey and neutral elements in the living room, and teal with mustard and grey in the master bedroom.

Emerald Green Interiors living room

After much searching I finally found a fabric for the living room curtains and they have been ordered just a few days ago. They are being custom made as one of the windows is over  four meters wide. The rug above and the patterned bed cover below are also on their way. I found a chartreuse green throw just like the one above at Habitat, which matches perfectly our existing cushions made out of Houlès’ city chartreuse silk. I love the pendant lamp above but don’t know yet if I will get this exact one. Our ceiling height isn’t huge so I can have something that takes up too much space in terms of height. I have a few ideas for the sofa but that will probably have to wait a few months. Ideally I’d like to find one that I can have upholstered in the same fabric as two vintage danish armchairs I purchased in Brussels before our move.

Emerald Green Interiors bedroom 2

I am loving the cool feeling of the bedroom pictured above designed by Emily Henderson and will probably have a simple square headboard custom made. Our sheets are always white so it’s easy to accessorize around them. I purchased some washed linen sheets a few months back to try out what everyone was talking about. They do feel great, and will probably even more in the summertime when it’s 30°C outside.

Now I need to get everything together, but before I need to get serious with painting the walls because this is obviously easier before starting to style everything to shoot pretty images to share with you. My color are chosen, I just need to get them and start working. Wish me good luck, there are just twenty eight walls or so to paint….

Source top image: CurtainsLiving roomThrowLampRug

Source bottom image: BedroomBed CoverCushionThrows

Nice! I really like the color combo here and, as I am doing some work on our bedroom, I am inspired to do a mood board!
I’ve never had linen sheets, but have wondered. They just seem so expensive, but maybe I should give them a try for those hot summer nights (we always turn off our AC at night).

Happy New Year

I know that it is already January 12th and that most of the “Happy New Year” posts have been long published on other blogs. Well I grew up in France, and in France you have until January 31st to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope that you had great holidays and that you could spend it with loved ones and friends. We were able to see some friends in Brussels, before spending time with our families in France and returning to Madrid before new year’s. We spent a quiet week there with lots of intended projects to realize, of which only a few actually were. (Blame it on the kids we had to keep busy and the pouring rain!).

Emerald Green Interiors Happy New Year

With the turn of the year I reflected on the blog and where it is going. I enjoy thoroughly sharing my inspiration with you through my blog posts and would like to thank you for all your comments and interaction. They really make blogging something very special. Looking back at 2013, I think that the fact thats strikes me most is the relationships I have built with other bloggers, most of them I have never met in person. I am so thankful to be part of this community of creative souls and I hope that I will be able to meet some in flesh this years.

I am not really a start of the year new resolutions type of girl, but I do intend to strive for more regularity with my blogging schedule and to keep bringing you lots of colorful inspiration. There will also be more posts dedicated to our own home, since our move to Madrid being quite recent there is still loads to design and improve.

I do wish you a wonderful year, filled with personal joys, challenges and accomplishments. Thank you so much for following me. It means the world to me.

* Photography by Corinne Kowal

Bold, colorful and geometric wallpapers

It’s no mystery that the geometric trend has been going on in home decor for a little while now. Recently however I have been seeing more large scaled and colorful designs than I used to. I love their high decorative impact and although I am not really the lover of feature walls I used to be a couple of years ago, those are perfect for them. Those designs need space to express themselves and not too much competition in terms of furniture. Prefer hallways, staircases or small areas with contemporary or clean lined furniture. Here are my favorites:

Circus by Cole & Son: What a fantastic design and great colors. The combination of the various shades of purple, green and fuchsia is really what gets me swooning over it.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 3

Facet by Cole & Son: A beautiful monochrome design available in blue or grey. The white hand drawn edge and the unevenly sized facets is what sets it apart from similar designs.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 4

Remix by Ferm Living: A simple and effective design consisting of triangles in various shades of blue and white or greys and white. Retro Scandinavian and on trend as can be.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 2

Mosaic by Minakani Lab: Those large inverted triangles hand printed in over 30 different colors are sure to create a unique backdrop like they do in this minimalist working area.

Emerald Green Interiors bold geometric wallpaper 1

It’s a pity that all the walls in our house are textured making the use of wallpaper really difficult, otherwise I’d love to use the Mosaic paper in our entry hall.

What do you think of those large patterns? Could you live with them or would they give you headaches?

* Photo credits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Is it any surprise that I <3 this wallpaper? Great color and bold geometric designs would be perfectly at home in my home. Thanks for sharing. ~Kate

Oh wow! I adore that first Cole & Son paper. What sheer fun to have that. But would I do it in my house? hmmmm. Actually, I have a hallway leading to the kitchen (see Interiors on my nav bar) that is currently a great orange, but would also be a really fun place for this bit of color graphic. Ah yes, but would the husband go for it? He generally will agree to whatever design projects I want (yes, lucky me!). Thanks Corinne. and Happy New Year!


I have textured walls as well, but these would be really fun to use as an oversized (framed on all for or just two sides) piece of art.

Eight Kraft paper wrapping ideas

Christmas is already tomorrow and maybe you have run out of time and haven’t wrapped your presents yet. Do not panic! You still have the time to create wonderful and stylish presents with very little needed. Kraft paper is the answer to your questions. I honestly can’t remember how far back my love for this wrapping paper dates. I remember being eighteen and wrapping Christmas presents in it already. I further fell in love with kraft paper seeing it used to wrap flower bouquets. To this day there is nothing that I find more beautiful and beauty enhancing for a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. I remember when we were living in Berlin and I would carefully select flowers to have composed as a bouquet for friends, only to see it wrapped in ugly paper and totally shut closed to my utter despair. (I believe the closing had to do with the harsh weather conditions but still….)Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 1.

Kraft paper is the perfect base to create beautiful presents as you can do anything with it. You simply need a little bit of imagination. Here are some of my favorite ideas gathered on the web over the past days.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 2

I love how playful those presents are using simple colored round labels, a glitter ribbon, over sized neon bows or a simple silver pen to hand draw doodles directly on the paper. Seriously, it doesn’t get simpler and yet the result won’t get unnoticed under the Christmas tree.

For a more organic feel, use natural twine, baker’s twine in green or red assorted to natural greenery and berries from your garden, old pictures or a graphic stripped black ribbon with feathers or dried leaves.

Emerald Green Interiors Kraft wrapping inspiration 3

The options are as endless as your imagination, so please take just a little time to have your gifts wrapped in a way that will truly stand out instead of having them wrapped in a store’s branded paper. I find it so rewarding when I see my own wrapped presents all next to each other creating an ensemble and looking beautiful. I am sure you will too.

Good luck with finishing up your presents and have a lovely time with your family and loved ones.

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